Saturday, October 28, 2006

What the hell was I thinking.......

I decided today to list all my maternity clothes on Ebay. Why? BECAUSE I will never need them again. Also, because I shudder in sheer embarassment every time I see them in my closet by some of the clothing choices I made when I was preggo.

If it was floral, I bought it.

If it looked like a table cloth, I wore it.

I don't know why I made some of my disatrous fashion decisions. I did really well with maternity jeans and pants, but once I was left to my own devises to purchase a shirt, all common sense went right down the comode. If I just relied on my ol' trusty black and brown staples, I would have been fine. But no, I decided that I needed to rival Thelma Harper from Mama's Familty over who wore flowered prints the best.

Case in point....

I HAD to have this skirt. Even when my friend Dena, who was also pregnant (we were 2 days apart) tried to talk me out of it- I was persistant. I thought it was the cutest maternity skirt EVER made. Looking back, I now realize why it was on clearance for $6.00. Bees wouldn't even pollanate the thing.

It can be all yours for $2.99 on Ebay.

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