Monday, October 16, 2006

Baby neck boppys

If you have never tried to feed 3 screaming babies at one time, then I do not think that you have thoroughly experienced life. Anytime you would like to check this off your "to do list" let me know and you are more than welcome to come to my house and take a feeding.

Since there are no volunteers beating down the door, I had to get a little creative. Plus, I was becoming a 24-7 formula fountain, feeding at all hours of the day. So 1st I tried these bottles called Pacifeeders.

They are supposed to be a "hands free feeding system". FINALLY, a solution to my problem! Ha! They do not tell you that you will need a doctorate in nuclear science to figure out how to get the formula up the straw. These were probably rejected from NASA so they repackaged them to unsuspecting triplet moms like myself. You have to squeeze the nipple, release, and repeat. Anyone overhearing my husband and I trying to read these directions would have thrown holy water on us and told us to repent for our sins.

So after this $60.00 failure, I sought the advice of other triplet moms. My friend Michelle directed me to my next hands free feeding apparatus attempt. I went to Baby Depot and purchased them. I could not wait to try them! I was so excited! WOO!!! HOO!!! (just visualize me doing the shakin' my booty happy dance right now).


You would have thought I was pulling Ryan's toenails out they way he screamed,

Dominic had a look of fear on his face

and Aspen decided to rebel by going to sleep.

Needless to say, it is a work in progress.....

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Cathy said...

Hey! Michelle got me to try them too, but they didn't work until they were much older. At that time, it only worked with Noah since the other two had reflux issues. Haven't you learned that you don't always listen to Michelle? Just kidding! I would try revisiting both systems a little bit later.

We are going to Shriner's on Nov. 9 for the clinic. Have you received your appt yet?