Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jimminy Crickets!

ok- so those who know me have a pretty good understanding of my fears of all bugs. From ant to lady bugs, and all in between- they creep me out. I still shake my shoes out before I put them on in case there is something hiding in there. I once even beat my poor boob at work one day because I had on a Polo shirt and from my peripheral vision I thought the pony was a spider (I'm still nursing bruises).
Anyway, tonight Drew and I stole away for a quick bite at the Ol' Red Lobster. I even indulged in a glass of wine. I am in the midst of a very important coversation with him about something of which I can't even remember when he gently reaches over and brushes off my shirt. My first thought was, "Aww, how sweet, he flicked bisquit off my shirt." I kept talking, one, because I do not shut up, and two, because I was now on glass numero dos. This is when he decides to tell me that he flicked a CRICKET off my shirt! A GIANT CRICKET attack me in the Red Lobster!!! He had a look of relief on his face that I did not see the cricket because he would have been covered in Chedder Bay bisquits and salad dressing when my flailing body went egg rolling on the floor.

A] Why would a cricket be in Red Lobster?
B] Of all the diners, why pick me?

Rule of thumb- If for some reason I am ever with any of you, and if a GIGANTIC lizard, bug, rodent, snake, the Burger King from the BK commercials, crab or creepy wiggly creature is anywhere on my body...PROMISE me that you will just remove it and NEVER EVER tell me.

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Katie said...

Hi, new reader here. I'm like you too. I am so freaked out by bugs, but especially spiders. If I see them, I stay far far away and if they're on me, I would beat myself black and blue in the process of getting them off! LOL.