Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ringling Brothers here I come!

If I have predisposed Dominic to having talented toes, then I am afraid I may have set Ryan up for a career in the circus. See, the child is the happiest when he is in his swing. He laughs, he giggles, he sings. Aside from the fact that he goes through sets of D batteries almost once a week, I never thought it was a problem. Or it could be because I call him Chunky Monkey. But yesterday, when we put him in the baby glider, he was trying to grab the overhead bar with both hands. To swing from it? Or to beat me senseless for making him wear a sailor suit in his 2 month pictures? ( Alright, looking back, probably NOT the best choice in attire, since he did look like someone from the Village People). Anyway, the boy is a CLOWN, a certifiable ham and he knows it. Check out the progression from birth to now....

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