Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Week in Review...

Otherwise known as.."Could there be anymore drama?"

1. Halloween. Literally a damned holiday. I got home from work to find out that some billing issue from my first RE ( who sucks and should be slapped for malpractice but for fears of slander I can't go into- but would love nothing more than to smear his "paid for" reputation all across town) flared up. From 2004! Oh- and the fact my insurance company at that time is out of business did not help, not able to get EOB copies 3 F'ing years later. So $1000.00 later I got to give them the big F -off. THEN, we sat in traffic for an hour to get to the District to take the kids Trick or Treating. Aptly named since the Trick was to find parking, and the only Treat I got was when I walked my rumpus over to the Cheesecake Factory for some chocolate cookie dough cheesecake because I was not waiting in 15 mile long lines for candy the kids can't eat anyway.

2. Early holiday shopping gone bad. I NEVER EVER EVER should have tried to start shopping early! Liz and I take the kids to Toys R Us. I totally do not calculate the toy to stroller space ratio and Liz ends up with a stuffed pony rocking horse on her lap and the back of my SUV looked like Santa's Sleigh. But I needed to make 1 more quick run into Baby Depot to see if they had sippy cups with straws. So Liz stays in the car with the kids and off I dash. I come back out, get in the truck, and find out the BLASTED battery is dead. I'm pretty sure that if I had been by myself I would have thrown my body on the asphalt and kicked and screamed like a lunatic. But I remained somewhat human, called Drew for a jump, and Liz walked to Arby's to hunt down some milk and mozz sticks to keep a riot from starting in the car seats. Word of advice- don't leave the radio and GPS running if the car is not fully turned on.

3. Haircuts for the kids. By a professional. With little caffeine in my system. Early in the morning. As a walk-in because their hair was starting to resemble a Chia-pet. Enough said.

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