Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who needs a Q-tip?

When you can just shove STRING CHEESE in your ear! That's the new game Ryan and Dominic are now playing. I had to sit and watch their every move to make sure chicken nor green beans ended up in ear canals. Apparently I missed the string cheese incident. Luckily I caught it in Dominic's ear in the playroom. Good thing it wasn't a green bean. That's all I need is a germentated bean seed in someone's ear and me waking up to the Jolly Green Giant in a crib.

"I can't believe Daddy finally talked Mommy into buying us cartoon pj's!"
(strange butt sniffing chihuahua was not included)

"Let me start practicing for my singing career"

"Nope- I'll read instead"

"What do you mean no more string cheese?"

"Now Mother- you can't possibly believe I put the cheese in my own ear"

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