Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend adventures...

Last week, my mother and I had a very interesting conversation about boogers. Well, not specifically boogers, but about when I was in grade school, and how she was a homeroom mother, and how I better learn to like to make cookies and cakes and cupcakes because it isn't fair to cheat and get the store bought kind (even though I can't remember these alleged cookie baking adventures that supposedly took place in the kitchen when I was younger). And then we were laughing about the kid in my grade school class who used to pick his nose and run after the girls. I said I hoped I didn't have the booger kid.

I have the booger kid. His name is Ryan.

He decided to display his new talent at the Multiples Halloween party by shoving his finger up his nose, just in time for Michelle to snap a lovely photo displaying Ryan's new fondness of digging for gold.

How can I get my shoe off?

I need a nap

Will smile for sugar

Other than that- the weekend went well. We went to pick a pumpkin because my mother (again!) said that it was not fair to cheat and have fake pumpkins around the house. So off we went.

Mommy! We found the Great Pumpkin!

I don't like hay, or grass, or sand, or...just get me off of this stuff now!!!

Where's Waldo- the Ryan version

And reason # 1 why I did not want to carve a pumpkin- Pumpkin Snot

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