Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow- I think the kids ate more pumpkin pie than Drew. In fact, I don't think there was anything that they DIDN'T eat. Well, except cranberry sauce, which for some reason got forgotten about in the pantry. Which is fine, because no one eats it here anyway. It kinda just sits on a plate like a wobbly blob of burgandy glop.

Corn Mountain- In honor of Kelli who is currently freezing in Minnesota.

So Ryan- let me tell you about Pilgrims...

I bet Mommy is very thankful for bibs.

How much turkey can I shove in my mouth at one time?

I am very thankful for the sweet potatoes all over my face.

WHAT? I have NO idea how Aspen's bow got in my hand!
I will just play with the dancing reindeer while Dominic gets in trouble.


Laura said...

I have to say that the corn looks YUMMY!
Like we were talking about the other day, I moved my blog. But you can follow me there :)

Cathy said...

Hey, those pictures were adorable!

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