Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Last year we let you off the hook, and did not bring the kids to see you. This year, you're not so lucky. Now before we get there, there are some things that you need to know, just in case some questions arise. If you stray from the plan, you and I are going to have a small problem.

1. We do not have a chimney, so they all think that you come in the house through the vent in the stove hood. Got it?-good.
2. If I forget to leave cookies and milk, sorry, but you may have to suck it up and grab a granola bar from the pantry.
3. Elves. I dressed Dominic up as one last year, so if he freaks out when he sees them, just let him be- it's my fault and I'll take care of the therapy.
4. Ryan has learned how to umm, how shall I say this, ...fart on demand. Should this occur, I will look at you as if you did it, so play along. Do not laugh, this will only encourage more tooting.
5. Aspen like to try and rip noses off. Make sure to have band-aids on hand as I have had some minor difficulties trying to trim her nails so they may be as long as Elvira's, thus inflicting some pain on your nostril regions.

Ok, I think that covers it.


Angel said...


Farting on demand... classic.

Laura said...

So how is the scrapping stuff going? You can order books though shutterfly , 20 pages on an 8x8 book for about $25. Much chepaeer than printing at costco, and it is in a binded book.

Casey's trio said...

Can't wait to see how the Santa pics turn out. My kids are not fans of sitting on his lap this year so the whole family was in the picture!