Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pre-lit my rumpus...

Drew is the official "light man" for all the Christmas trees in the house. However, I did break chain of command and fix the lights on the kids trees. We got the tree in the family room decorated, and then we started on the 9.5 ft "Pre lit" one in the foyer.

Nothin'..Nada..No twinkling lights to be had.

This did not make the Director of Lighting very happy.

So he threw some on top of the tree after spending an hour trying to unwrap the top portion. We got it decorated and then yesterday, another string burned out.

Needless to say, if looks could kill, my artifical tree would die a fake death.

On top of this, all three kids have boogie rivers running out their noses, and I have given up even attempting to keep sippy cups separated.

Now I have to go get Drew away from the tree before it goes out the front door.

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