Friday, October 12, 2007

And how has my week been you ask?...

Where oh where to begin...

1] Dominic is having those night terror things that I thought I had escaped. Nope-little D likes to scare the crap out of us at random times thoughout the night with bloodcurdling screams.

2] Ryan is climbing out of his crib. Not "throw the body over the edge and fall" type of climbing out, but a pretty dang coordinated effort. Leg gets thrown over the side, then a shimmy down the corner. His crib is so low that I may as well put the mattress on the floor. Hence the newfound respect for crib tents and many cheers to Misti who gave me hers.

3] Ryan + sippy cup = mess. See for yourself...
(dang video didn't load...see what I mean!!!)

4] Yard sale procrastination. Didn't I swear I was going to start early??? My loft looked like the aftermath of the Macy's Thanksgiving sale.

5] That would be Ryan playing behind the toy bins. I mean, after all, why play with the ALL THE TOYS IN THE BINS???

6] And finally, in an effort to hurry up and get my car loaded so I could get to Michelle's with all my yard sale stuff, I reversed the car in the driveway and hit...

the house.

Actually, to quote Drew, I "smacked the shit out of it"

Good night

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