Friday, October 19, 2007

Is there a rule sheet I missed?...

Over the past 2 weeks I have been asked questions that I never thought I had to actually sit down and choose a "stance" on. But apparently, birthing children throws you into a realm of matters that you must have opinions on. Never one to dodge a great chance of putting my 2 cents in, I thought I would answer.

1] What religion are the kids?

Hmm, well, the appropriate box to check would be None. So that is what I checked. Technically they were baptised/christened Lutheran. I still had the last of some good 'ol Catholic guilt hanging over me and could just see some nun screaming in my ear about original sin. They have wonderful "godparents" which I prefer to title "Life Guidance Leaders". I chose these individuals not for their religious beliefs, but because I truly respect them and feel that their morals and values align with my own.
That being said, I do not believe in organized religion, and Drew and I have decided that the kids will not attend any faith based preschools, sunday schools or the like. Call me crazy, but I will let them make that decision when they are old enough to choose a religion that they feel aligns with their own beliefs, not because that is all they were taught.

2] Do I believe in spanking?

Yes. But with moderation. If a good spank on the bum does not get the point across, beating the child won't either. There is a line, don't cross it. Hitting harder does not get the point across any better. I also think it should be reserved for situations that threaten the safety of the child, not because he/she may have poured milk on someone's head or decided to fling oatmeal across the room.

3] Breastfeeding?

Well, all I can say is more power to you. I tried, but the twins were broke and as dry as an old lake in the middle of the desert. And guess what, I have no "formula guilt" that some people like to put on non breastfeeding moms. But even if I had/could, I would have stopped IMMEDIATELY at the 1st tooth. Why? 'Cause when chowing down occurs-that's just weird. If your child is old enough to walk to the refrigerator, or has enough teeth that he could be a spokesperson for a toothpaste commercial- PUT THE BOOB AWAY. Just my opinion :)

4] What would you do if you had frozen embryos left?

Without missing a beat- donate them to medical research. If they can help science get 1 teeny step forward in it's pursuit of understanding genetic issues, why not?

And on another parenting note, Drew and I are taking the kids to the park and meeting up with Dena tomorrow. Drew is a necessary component to help bring the adult to child ratio to a manageable level. He is in charge of swing and slide supervision. I am in charge of making sure non edible items are not consumed and small objects are not poked into eyeballs, noses, etc.

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Dena said...

and we had a good time. So much for being able to really chat. I think that went away when they started to walk :-) Next time will have to be a food playdate.