Sunday, October 14, 2007

a "No Snappy Title" post

First...view pics (that I lifted from Michelle's blog since she was the one with the foresight to take the pictures!)
Yep- that would be a portion of the Multiple's yard sale, which I am pleased to say allowed me to get rid of 3 swings, 1 baby papasan, 2 Bumbo chairs, 1 baby spa tub which Michelle swore was overpriced but I held firm, 1 car seat, 1 stroller, a baby cling, and numerous amounts of infant clothes, toys and shoes.
So imagine Drew's reaction when I told him I volunteered to hold the next one at our house.
Which led to the female version of the popular male forgiveness tactic "Uh oh, - better get flowers."
I cooked.

Yep-baked a chicken pot pie from SCRATCH. Well, the pie dough was courtesy of Pillsbury, but it's not like I even know how to make a pie crust. Isn't that what Mrs. Smith's is for?
Here is the proof...

I even kept Aspen clean all day in her ballerina outfit. The boys...well...that's another story.
So there might be a full moon, or snow tomorrow morning. You might want to check the weather.

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Just Me said...

Aw, your baby girl looks so sweet in her ballerina outfit

That must've been some crazy garage sale. Congrats on selling so many things!!