Friday, September 07, 2007

Various vacation pics...

Ryan and favorite cousin Z

Ryan wondering where his dinner is...

Dominic trying to figure out how to jump in the BayDrew telling Ryan not to show Dominic how to jump into the Bay

Aspen Goofy girl!
Aspen loving the fact she can sit in highchairs again

Aspen loves grass!


lesleysmeshly said...

Great photos!! I love the ones of Aspen..she is so adorable!!

Michele S said...

Looks like you are having a blast!!! We missed you at dinner last night.

Okay, did you actually pack all those BOWS????? And are you putting GEL in your son's hair???
Because I have no idea where you find the time and you are freaking me out!

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Michelle- Yes, I packed bows and bracelets to match all her outfits. And yes, I do gel up the boys' hair. And yes, sometimes I even freak myself out- you should see the intricate system I have so Drew knows which bow/bracelet goes with each outfit. Martha Stewart has nothing on me :) muhahaha