Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a giant conspiracy...

I am no parenting expert by far. But, on a good day, half my brain is working and common sense seems to always have my back. So how this happened I have no idea.

I think I may have screwed up the kids feet.

In my defense, it is hard to buy shoes when they can't tell you if they are too tight, pinch, etc. There were no toes hanging off the edges, and I did the little toe press thing that shoe salesmen seem to do.

Apparently I was not a shoe salesman in a previous life.

Dominic- wearing size 3- should be in a 4
Aspen- wearing size 1- should be in a 2.5
Ryan- wearing a 4- should be in a size 5.5 WIDE

I think that GEOX, Primigi and Umi have all banned together and changed sizing so that when you think that you have been smooshing your children's toes in corset like shoes, you don't even notice the $65.00 price of each pair because you are so blinded by mommy guilt.

The gig is up- us foot cramming mommies are on to the game, the hustle, the dark underbelly world of children's shoe sizing. So next time, you can totally buy my silence with a coupon.


HW said...

This is so funny. It doesn't get any better when they get bigger. My son went from a size 9 (in men's) to an 11 1/2. And he totally could have been telling me how bad they hurt, but NOOOOOO! I think he was just looking forward to the shame I would feel when I realized what we'd done.
I love your humor!

My name is Tammie said...

Your blog is fun. I just went through something similar, only I had my kids in shoes too big. Duh. How I did that one I dont know but at least they will have them for a while. Right?