Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm just going to start handing out pamphlets...

It's Circle of Friends time at Gymboree. And those who know me well knew I was going to be spending a ridiculous amount of money there- since I get an additional 30 % off this weekend. So after some lunch grub, Liz and I pack up the trio and head to Fashion Show mall.

I learned today that I hate Fashion Show mall.
I also learned today that you have to have an advanced degree in engineering to figure their floor layout.
I also learned today that they must hate infants, since they tuck the elevator back in the corner of some alcove between Upper level 1 and Upper level 1.5 or however those nuts have named them.

What was planned to be a quick mission of Gymboree, Janie and Jack, TCP and Coach (thrown in for good measure) took 4.5 HOURS.

Why? WHY??? WE WERE STOPPED BY EVERY FOREIGN TOURIST IN VEGAS. I do not speak Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Korean or one language that I may guess to say was ..forget it...I'm not even sure. Therefore, I am unable to answer your questions so all I can do is smile and nod. Smile and nod, nod and smile. I have whiplash from today and my cheeks hurt. Perhaps I am just used to Americans who stop, point, ask questions, shake their head and mutter under their breath that A: I must have my hands full or B: Thank goodness it's me and not them as they walk away. But they do not touch.

Tourists touch. Ok- that may not seem fair. Perhaps the ones I ran into today are just nicer than what I am used to. BUT BACK AWAY FROM THE STROLLER. Consider us a moving zoo. Do not touch or feed the inhabitants.

I should get a sign. And a pamphlet that I can just hand out as I whiz my way though the mall.

1. Yes- they are triplets
2. Yes - 2 boys and 1 girl
3. No- they are not identical
4. Yes- they were born on the same day


Mir said...

After our third encounter of a stomach bug in just as many months when he was a year old, I started telling people he had pinkeye during cold and flu'd be surprised just how fast those hands snap back when people hear "Careful! He has pinkeye!!"

I'm not sure what the attraction to him was, considering there was only one of him. Maybe it was just the fact that he was a jolly, roly-poly q-tip top kid.

So, hit up and learn "pinkeye" in about six languages and see if that helps. :-)

Anonymous said...

My mom wants to put a sandwich board on the stroller that says:
Looks: $1
Questions: $2 per question
Pictures: $5
Touching: $10

Charging stupid people who can't help but ask stupid questions: PRICELESS

Somedays I am really tempted to do this. LOL!
Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips


lesleysmeshly said...

I'm dying laughing at Som's idea! I said the same thing about the flyers...
Yes they are twins.
No they are not identical.
Yes one is a boy and one is a girl.
Yes he sure does have more hair.
Yes I have my hands full.

I can't even imagine how bad you get it with an additional "triplet the trouble" blah blah...I'm surprised you don't have a snarky comment ready to go. =)

Anna said...

Your blog is hilarious, I will be back for sure! Love the peapod photo! and the candy pimping!

In all your "free" time, would you be willing to stop by my site and offer some advice to a soon-to-be triplet mama?

My blogless friend is having triplets, and needs advice on stuff and parenting, and what the heck can I tell her as a singleton parent! We have a great roundup of advice happening here.

Thank you so much! I know she appreciates learning straight from the world of multiples!

Michele S said...

Misti and I once had a man from Budapest taping our kids eating in the food court at the Fashion Show.

I can't believe you went there on the weekend. I know the whole layout. I could have told you exactly where to park and how to be in and out in 30 minutes. Call me next time!!!