Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you kidding me?...

"Lesbian sues over IVF twins" - Sydney Morning Herald

I begin to step upon my soapbox...


Oh dear-here she goes about to spew a gasket...

"A lesbian woman felt violated and devastated when she learned she was pregnant with twins, after she had told a Canberra obstetrician she wanted only one child through IVF, a court heard yesterday.
In what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the ACT, the former Canberra woman and her female partner are suing obstetrician and gynaecologist Sydney Robert Armellin for the wrongful birth of one of their twin girls, now aged three, claiming more than $400,000 for the cost of raising her to the age 21."

Are you EFFING kidding me?

" "I remember sitting on the couch and feeling devastated, absolutely devastated," the 40-year-old mother said.
She and her partner, who were living in Watson at the time, had planned to go to England after the birth, but their plans were scrapped when they discovered they would be having twins, jeopardising their careers, relationship and health.
She suffered pre- and post-natal depression, could work only a few hours at a time because of the pain, and she and her partner needed relationship counselling for about 18 months."

What? WHAT?

Now they are trying to hide behind the argument that it was the RE's negligence at transferring 2 embryos when they only wanted ONE CHILD.

HEY DUMBASSES- what would you have done if only one was transferred and it split? Who would you sue then? Mother Nature?

This is not Vend-A-Child. There are no guarantees with IVF.

And another thing- why hide behind anonymity? I hope the judge rules that you can't. How selfish are you to put the feelings of the "unwanted" twin, the extra child that you never requested, aside? How self centered are you?

I'm sure the media coverage of this will be make a great addition to this poor child's baby book.


The Grubbs said...

That is freaking disgusting! How horrible of people they are, and the poor kid. I wonder if they have one singled out as the "unwanted" baby. Hey, I'll be happy to take the kid off their hands, no sweat here. Come to think about it, I'll take them both you undeserving jerks.

Safire said...

I 'loved' the part where they said that they didn't want to put the second baby up for adoption because it would be too painful. Well what do you call this?! I can't believe they are doing this. Having twins isn't THAT bad! (not that I would know...)

The Grubbs said...

Totally off subject, but I was at the District tonight and their Gymboree had an additional 20% off already reduced prices and Gymbucks... WOOHOO!

HW said...

They do not deserve either child. That poor girl will know she was so unwanted that her mommies sued the doctors because she was born.

Selfish. Money-hungry. Cruel.

Dena said...

That story makes me sick. I could go on and on about just about all of their complaints. They should be thankful that they were even able to have children. They should lose both of the kids for emotional abuse now.

Ginny said...

Oh, you get up on that soapbox! That is one of the most horrrible, cruel things I have ever heard. That child is going to grow up knowing they weren't wanted. They do not deserve to be parents.

Oh yeah..I've been a reader of your blog for quite awhile now. Can't recall how I came across it, though. Love reading about the antics of your trio!

DraMa said...

I'm still stuck on "wrongful birth"
Could that term be any more horrendous?

These women are insane and selfish. Totally selfish.

Michele S said...

I can't even discuss this because I'll have a brain aneurysm.



Just thinking of it made me pop some brain connections.

Kerry Lynn said...

yeah, how do they know which baby was wrongfully birthed?