Thursday, May 24, 2007

You've GOT to be kidding me...

Aspen and Dominic decided to tag team Drew and I with 102.5 degree fevers last night. So after Tylenol doses, cold washcloths and temp checking every 30 minutes, somewhere along the line I got about 4 hours of sleep. Only woke up once in that solid time when Drew walked into the bathroom door.
After amazingly not falling asleep at work, although there are spotty periods of the day that I can't seem to remember, I rushed home because Drew set up an appointment with some random guy to talk to us about an awning thingy for the backyard. In my delirious state, I must have somehow offended the guy because what should have been a 45 minutes ordeal only lasted about 10 minutes. The meeting pretty much came to an end when I forgot he was in earshot when I made a not so nice comment about how they were ugly. Oops.
Then I decided to look online for high chair covers. I'm tired off wiping down restaurant highchairs every time I go out. However, I can only seem to find GIGANTIC shopping cart covers.Granted these double as high chair covers, but they are HUGE. They look like bed-in-a-bags. I do not need comforters. These things come with pillows. The likelihood that a] I would be grocery shopping and b] I would be there long enough for one of the kids to feel the need to curl up in the cart is pretty slim to none.
So there are my random thoughts for the day. I'm going to curl up in a shopping cart cover and go to bed.


The Grubbs said...

We have 2 "Hook On Highchairs" we keep in the car. They come in handy at my moms, (she has one also) if we go out to eat, (we just use a high chair for the third kid) or even if people come to our house, they don't have to worry about bringing their booster seats or whatever. The only thing is that you have to sit the chairs across from each other on a table so the weight of 2 babies on one side won't tip the table over.

Michele S said...

Joselle- so sorry to hear the kiddos are sick. I'm laughing at you scaring that guy out of your house. He was probably like, "What is that lady's PROBLEM?" No sleep DUDE!

I never used any of those things for the carts. I would have looked like I was going camping in Sam's Club. I just threw mine in there.