Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I was sooo excited when the trio took a solid 2 hour nap this morning. I thought to myself "Hey, this could turn out to be a well behaved day" I praised them as I fed them their lunch (black eye pea soup, creamed corn and carrots, yuck, yuck, yuck). They were so happy!

Then I go upstairs for 1 millisecond and hear Dominic screaming. And come down to see this...

That would be sweet well behaved Ryan holding the "time out" stool over Dominic's head. I have no explanation for how this happened. His head won't fit thru the legs, so I ruled out the possibility that Dominic scooted himself under like a car mechanic.

Anyone see the Friends episode when Joey got his head stuck in the turkey? Hopefully today's incident is not a preview of poulty mishaps in my house.


lesleysmeshly said...

Happy (day late) Mother's Day! Isn't it great how young they start, I mean playing with each other!

Amy said...

Ryan will be just like Eric....he's always getting in trouble for doing things like this. Look out!!