Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back home...

Yesterday we got to the hospital at 6am, for 7am surgery. They took her back and we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally around 11:30 the surgeon came out to speak with us. They were unable to get an IV in so they had to put in a central line. Then she had breathing trouble so that delayed the surgery. He took xrays and everything looked great, so we went to see her and in recovery The PICU team came down to evaluate her because of the breathing problem and since she had no apnea issues in recovery, released her to go to the Peds floor. We then went to have her MRI done to make sure all bones, tendons etc were perfect.

They weren't.

Now prior to surgery, the DR told us he has NEVER had to go back in and fix anything. Aspen ruined his perfect record.

They kept her NPO and scheduled us for surgery # 2 after 5:30. Then she spiked a 101 degree fever. So they pumped her full of Tylenol to try and bring it down. Thankfully it fell to 99 right before they took her back for round 2. Around 8ish, he came back out and explained that her tendons were too tight, and they kept pushing the hip out of socket, so he had to lengthen the tendons. He said if it was not perfect that he would eat his tie. Oh, and casually mentioned that it was his wedding anniversary. I hope he wasn't expecting us to run and get him a card.

Back to MRI. Where, to top the day off, the coils on the mat broke. So the ENTIRE MRI had to be restarted again. At this point Drew and I are both so delirious that we fell asleep in the MRI room. How that happened I have no idea because even with earplugs in it sounds like a jackhammer. Finally at 10pm they finish and we get her in her room.

So, needless to say, we are exhausted, and Aspen has a serious attitude with us right now. After some interesting maneuvering, she has been resting in a bouncy chair and will wake up to give us dirty looks every now and then.




The Grubbs said...

I am glad to hear she came out oksy. She is so precious in her casts.

lesleysmeshly said...

Holy shit. You guys had a rough day. I am so glad she is ok...but WTF...TWO surgeries. Poor thing. She is such a honey!!!

klbsobusy said...

Awwww. Hug, kisses and best wishes for dear Aspen.

Michele S said...

Awwwwwww.....poor little gal! How is she doing now? She's such a little cutie pie, I want to just snatch her up and hug her! (Then give her back of course!)

Susan said...

She doesn't look to mad. I hope all is well.