Friday, May 18, 2007

Feelin' the luv

Strange occurrence #1.

It's 6:45, the kids just went to bed, and the doorbell rings. Who in the hell is ringing my doorbell? And it's the one at my door. I assume it's someone I know, because if you really want to take a fast train to the top of my sh!t list, not ringing the bell at my gate but just strolling in like we are long lost friends will guarantee you a ticket.

3 seemingly normal girls.

who turned out to be missionaries.

What happened to a warning! What happened to the white shirts, ties, and bikes that they used to wear around town?

At this point I have my face smooshed in a 6 inch opening in my door and tell them I have a religion. Thankfully they did not ask for specifics because I can't think that quick on my feet anymore. Finally after giving me a free Jesus voucher they leave, only to corner Liz in the driveway and ask if she needs help with the garbage.

Strange occurrence #2.

I had the kids out today, because Ryan needed shoes. His feet grew supersonically 2 sizes in 2 weeks and I have issues with barefoot babies in public. So I shoved his feet in a pair of sandals and out we headed.

Now I am used to the comments, and the stares, and the stupid questions. But to come out of nowhere and hug me is COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE. "Strange Huggy Lady" comes right up to me and hugs me. HUGS ME. Invaded my personal space and touched me.

I feel violated.


dena said...

ok my kid refuses to wear shoes...are you talking mad crap behind my back ;-) Even if I do get shoes on him he pulls them off in his car seat before we get anywhere. I try!!!

lesleysmeshly said...

I'm a hillybilly mama and take my babies barefoot out in public constatly. I'm sure many people are thinking I am a horrible mother!
If some strange person came and hugged me I might be temped to punch them.....ewwwwwww! Sorry you were huglested!

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Lesley- But you don't take your kids out in public in just diapers!

Dena- Ryan think shoes are for chewing, and Dom takes his off and throws them out of the stroller.

Play date soon ladies? Let's meet at the park with our barefoot children!