Saturday, February 07, 2009

umm, I've been busy?...

I know, I know- I'm a bad blogger. I've been very busy I swear.

After all, it takes alot of time to care for my tentuplets. Yep- popped out 10 kids last week. I figured since I had all these extra embryos just sitting in a freezer, why not use them up? I have nothing better to do except breed children. Take that Nadya Suleman you freaking TRAINWRECK!

I could go on and on but there are serious and less delusional things going on right now in my life.
I could say I have been saving the world, ending domestic hunger issues, or even doing laundry. But since Michelle busted me out for my Facebook addiction, I figured I better come clean.

Plus, I have been making Who-Hash.

I am utterly at a loss for new and refreshing food ideas. I have probably fed my kids gallons of mac and cheese- they seem to be indifferent to other food groups. It all just seems like the same old crap day in and day out.

Except today. I'm crafty.

Take 1 can of chicken and noodles, add in some ham, and peas and viola! Who-Hash delight!

They hated it.


Michele S said...

OH MY GOD! That's DISGUSTING. I'm calling your mother.

Liz said...

I can see why! That looks nasty! :)

Anonymous said...

I don;t think your dog would eat that mess. Do you need a cook book. I have plenty. And this is your mother speaking. Love U

Laura said...

omg, just crack me up. When K comes home, I may be hitting you up for some crafty menu ideas...except who-hash!

Miss you on BC but I know where to get you!

~Laura (aka coral...)