Monday, February 23, 2009

potty schmotty

Life is about choices. And in an effort to get these kids on the potty- they have choices. They can use the practical potty seat, the multipurpose potty chair/step stool, or for those times when you just feel like peeing on reptiles- the froggy potty.

What more could they want- a bidet?

The potty training process could quite possibly send me over the edge.


Michele S said...

Oh, quit your whining. It only took me 7 months. I trained mine outside, naked. Much cleaner that way. Greg would hose them off with the garden hose and I'd beat their underwear on a rock. I'm actually not even kidding. How scary is that?

Laura said...

Muha-ha-ha-ha. All I can say is what is up with your potty chairs? We started all cute and $25 Baby Bjorn and then turned to $4 Ikea potty chairs that did the job because they liked to CHOOSE which color potty to pee in :)

Potty training does suck. Hold off till spring or summer if you can. And I recommend doing one at a time. All three at a time will drive you crazy, you can't remember who did what when and if so and so really emptied their bladder.

Good luck!

Martencja Designs said...

hahahaha great photo and what a fantastic luxus ;)

Lesley said...

I only have two and am already dreading it. Good luck!

Tara said...

Oh my! What a nice set up you have Joselle. I can't even think about potty training three. I still have a way to go with my one but I never thought about that. I think Laura had a good comment about training one at a time. It might be less stressful. Who knows....not me that is for sure. They are getting so big!!!