Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm hardcore....

I could consider myself a professional shopper. Find me another mom of triplets who sets foot out on Black Friday and again today with little caffeine.

Black Friday:
The mall was so crowded that I couldn't even park AT THE MALL. Nope, parked by Kinkos and had to hoof it all the way to the door. Walk to get the mail- no way. Walk 4 miles to a Gymboree sale- hell yes- barefoot and on glass if needed.

Today might not have been that much of a feat except for the fact we went to the outlets in Primm.....

....With every other person driving back to California on I15. What should have taken 30 minutes took 2 hours and 15 minutes. Let me also add I was stuck next to a pig truck for 3 miles. A pig truck full of pigs who I swear smelled like they just rolled in cow manure. They also kept shoving their pig snouts through the little holes. I probably have pig snot on the side of the car.

So give me my badge of honor, my sceptor and crown. For I dear friends should be committed.

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Redju said...

OMG! Your triplets look so adorable and you are such a courageous mom! I really admire you. I have only one kid and sometimes it's hard so I can't picure myself with 3 at the same time!!!