Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...after

I would have posted this on Valentine's Day, but I was busy being pampered like a Hilton.

ah, yes, the dishwasher slapped me back to reality. This is one day of kiddie dishes. And they wonder why we have a water shortage in Vegas?

My Valentine card. When you go through a gallon of milk a day- this is the most logical place to put it for me to find it. Very clever Drew!

My attempt and being Martha Stewart. These are supposed to look like roses. They...well...don't.

Drew came home and made dinner- a wonderful Filet Mignon with bearnaise, herb roasted potatoes and tomato casserole (yes Ricci- your recipe + mozzarella).

We are going out to dinner tonight. We stopped going on Valentine's Day quite a few years ago after some unfortunate server tried to deliver my not quite so cooked steak that I swear bled all the way from the kitchen. Way too busy and way too packed and rushed. So we always go after Valentine's Day. And tomorrow is Spa Day!!!


Liz said...

No offense Joselle, but the strawberries scare me! LOL!

Joselle said...

Dang- I thought at least SOMEONE would ask for the directions! Let me know if you change your mind Liz!