Monday, June 16, 2008

hmm..that doesn't look right...

I vaguely remember reading somewhere in my parenting handbook that if your child wakes up looking like a strawberry, something, and don't quote me, may not be right.

Dominic has an odd rash, somewhat the color of a strawberry milkshake, and little teeny bumps. Odd.

I have no idea what it is from. The only thing close to what I think could have caused it is the latex balloon he was getting up close and personal with in the car on the way home from Red Robin yesterday. But nothing else latex has ever bothered him before. So Mr. Mom (Drew) taled to the nurse who said to give him Benedryl and keep an eye on it. He's eating, running, etc etc, so aside from looking like something from Dairy Queen, he seems fine.

So Drew is taking him to see the doctor in the morning, because we have not been to the Pediatrician in at least a month, and I am sure they miss us, and our contribution to their salaries.

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