Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling helpful???

We all have busy lives, and sometimes even though we have the best intentions, it can be hard to find some time to do some good for someone else.

Here is your chance.

Lick an envelope, and stick a few stamps, and help someone achieve a dream.

Key Chains 4 Jerry.

A member at one of the forums I frequent is trying to gather up the masses (or keychains in this instance). Here is some info from the blog that was set up to keep track of Jerry's progress:

"Jerry Moran is an awesome mentally-challenged guy from Champaign, IL. Many years ago, he started a key chain collection. At the current time, he has around 10,000. We would like to help him build his collection so he can be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. That record is currently a little over 41,000. He is almost a fourth of the way there!!!"

Here is the blog:

Now go dig through those junk drawers in the kitchen, and do a little good for the day :)

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