Sunday, June 08, 2008

Did my day really start like this?

Now I understand why so many people have wished me luck when they found out the trio turned 2.

Now I understand why some animals eat their young.

I also understand that hysterical laughing from a nursery is NEVER a good thing.

And hysterical laughing is what occurs when one triplet (RYAN!) rips a hole in his crib tent, and shoves out his pj bottoms, and his diaper (the diaper that gets wrapped on with packing tape).

And points at the pile of POOP on the mattress. And laughs.

Oddly, that is not what I did. Go figure.

Next, a lesson in the the monkey see monkey do method. Pay attention. There might be a quiz.

After wiping up the floor from thrown bananas, french toast and milk sprinkles, because when you are 2, it is way more fun to bean the dog with food and see if he eats it.
(Chihuahuas do not eat bananas or french toast for future reference.)

Up the stairs to throw in some laundry, all is quiet downstairs. Which, in direct contradiction to laughter, ALSO, is not a good thing. There is no good reason why three 2 year olds would be quiet all AT THE SAME TIME, unless mischief was underway.

And so it was.

Dominic got out of his diaper (also wrapped in packing tape) and PEED on the floor through the leg holes of the highchair.

I live in one big outhouse.


Dear 3M,

I appreciate the great strides you have made with your tapes. Some would say they are built to last. And who would argue? After all, they tightly keep packages together, as they make their way through the wear and tear of the United States Postal system, through rain, sleet, snow, and hail.

However, perhaps you should know that your tape is no match for a determined 2 year old. No, your tapes fault terribly against the sheer will of a toddler determined to rip it off a diaper so that he can run amok with just a bare bum.

I'm sadly disappointed, as this was the only option open to me, considering the consequences of what could occur with other adhesives. Super glue involves drying time, and then how would I explain it to hospital personnel should it run and adhere to places that would make some men shudder to even think about. Pins are out, since there is the poking factor. So tell me, 3M, what is a triplet mother of toddlers to do?



Liz Laxton said...

Reading your blog always makes me feel better about my life with one high maintenance 20 month old - I know no comfort to you! Hang in there in 15 years your lawn will be mowed the cars washed and the house clean while you and DH chill - right!

Dena said...

So I shouldn't tell you that Tanner has peed in his potty twice? I think it is time for Booty Camp and the potty whisperer for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Have you tried duck tape? I've heard it works better with keeping the diapers on but never tried it. Good luck. Nancy

flattsgurl said...

OMGosh you poor thing! LOL I know what a handful was with her poo (and diaper messes) at 2yrs old so I can't imagine 3 of them. :) A few months down the road (or sooner I hope) you can look back and laugh about this. It would make a good scrap page :)

Cathy said...

DUCT TAPE! Will it make you feel better if I tell you that three is WORSE?! Just wait til they turn three. I am sorry, but I don't want you to be disillusioned that it's going to get better. FAR FROM IT! I hear four is the magic number, or maybe it's just wishful thinking that their is an end to this chaos.

Dara Lee said...

I came here via the Barr Babies. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy on your naked toddlers. I have 2 year old twins, one of whom has been a (poop) finger painter since he was old enough to roll over. Packing tape would never work for him. If he can find the edge of his diaper, it's gone. Nothing can keep it on. We have resorted to making him wear diapers shirts, and this out of sight out of mind technique seems to be working for us. As long as he can't find the edge of the diaper, he doesn't seem to take it off. I'm going to potty train him soon though, because as 30 lbs and over three feet tall, diaper shirts that fit are getting hard to find. The other morning I woke up to hear the diaper pail closing and him saying all better. I went into his room and discovered him standing naked and wet, beside a very wet bed.

I feel your pain.