Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bippity Boppity Boo

Shamu we are coming for YOU!

That's right SeaWorld- you better call a special meeting on the correct process to remove triplets from the top of a whale.

Because we are invading San Diego.

Somehow my 10 year anniversary/more bling to the ring/tropical getaway turned into triplet roap trip to San Diego to go to the zoo and Sea World.

By ourselves.
Just me and Drew
God help us

I have a couple months to prepare, plot, plan a course of action/attack, stock up on tape, cartons of diapers, pallets of wipes, 300 sippy cups, blankie GPS systems and of course coordinate outfits, bows and bracelets, count shoes and purchase the vat of sunscreen.

Based on my intermittent forgetfulness, slight procrastination and terrible packing skills, we should be set to go in September



Laura said...

Ohhhh! We just went in May and LOVED it! We rented a cottage at Mission Bay (only 5 mins from SW) and Mission Bay ROCKS! If you are at the bayside, you don't have to worry about waves for the kids and they can actually play in the water more. Since the kiddos are under three, you can do the dine with Shamu and Breakfast with Elmo and Friends for the price of only the two adults.
Email me if you want more info. I am excited for you guys!

lesleysmeshly said...

Fun! Have a great trip!!! Don't forget the baby valium. =)