Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ugh...please start the pity party now...

I'm sick. Not just sniffle sick, but enough sick to the point that I went to the doctor. Little did I know that I would leave with a shot of something I can't remember in my @ss, and prescription that could probably cure the Ebola virus, and a stern recommendation to see an ENT. As my doctor exclaimed, and this is a quote, my tonsils are "HUGE". Apparently big is not necessarily better in the tonsil world, and he thinks that they will probably need to come out.

Now for all of you who remember my threshold of pain (ie- infamous cerclage story), they have a better chance of sticking their hand down my throat and ripping them out with bare hands then getting me under the knife, especially when said knife is in my throat, close to my jugular. Too close to my jugular in my non medical opinion.

So I sign off tonight with a snippet of how the holiday went in our house, sung along to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas...

12 bags of trash
11 rolls of paper
10 burnt strings of lights
9 battles over a fake lipstick
8 pounds of ham
7 play cell phones
6 missing shoes
5 hours of sleep
4 runny noses
3 off schedule triplets
2 time outs ...and
1 bloody Dominic nose....


Dena said...

ok you forgot Aspen's projectile vomiting...not at the house but very worthy of putting into the 12 days. Tanner is now sick as well as Matt and lucky me at work. He is taking him to the ped today. Call when you feel up to it.

Laura said...

Love your song :) I hope the next few days get better for you.

Jeez louise, your word verification is "fpbkvgby" It has got to be a record for the longest one yet.