Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes- I pimp my kids for candy...

Today was the LVMOMs Halloween party. It started off at Peter Piper Pizza. In a moment of clarity, as I sat staring at the pizza, with 3 hungry sets of eyes staring at me, did I realize the the munchkins have never had pizza. Therefore, pizza consumption was administered by fork.

And even though I took great care in delivering food to mouth, HOW IN THE HELL did Ryan get pizza on his costume?
That's ok- because I am the crazy mom that whips out the Tide stain stick Yep- that's me.
We then went to the Clark County Museum of Old Stuff (I don't really think that is the name, but it is a damn accurate description). They were holding a Halloweenie Trick and Treat fest, so we got to push Mickey, Minnie and Donald around and have more than a few Einsteins ask the typical questions. No, they are not identical, yes-3 does equal triplets, and no, I am not having anymore.

But the perk? Triplets = lotsa candy!

Yep- 3 heaping baggies full of chocolate, gummy stuff, and Jelly Bellys. Not the cheapo sweet tarts or candy that tastes like chalk. We are talking Hersheys baby!
And since I am very concerned about cavities, sugar overindulgence and possible choking hazards, Drew and I made every attempt to make sure that the candy was well out of reach of the trio.

Now if you excuse me, I must wipe the chocolate off my keyboard.


Michele S said...

But did you see your picture on the Old Dude's scary website yet?

number4mom said...

That's ok Joselle, I am one of those moms too, with the Tide 2 Go pen, the Shout Wipes, and the Clorox pen!! Nothing wrong with a little bit of Type A personality!!