Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew!

What does any parent of triplets do on their birthday? Run. Hide. Seek adult environments.

After all, the trio got to go to a birthday party on Saturday for Tanner (mucho fun Dena!) and even though Ryan ran around making sure escaped ball pit balls were returned to their rightful place, they had a blast.

Today, for Drew's birthday- we ran away. Got pedicures and massages. And ate in a restaurant without having to look on the children's menu and did not have to cut food up into teeny tiny pieces. And it was still HOT when we ate it.

Good times that every birthday boy deserves.

On another note, I made the reservations for San Diego (check me out all on the ball!). I was even polite when after explaining to the agent that it was 2 adults and 3 children all the same age, born on the same day, all related, yada yada, he STILL proceeded to ask me if I was bring 2 pack and plays.

Yep, because one has to rotate and sleep in the truck.

The end.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Drew! And what adorable pictures of Aspen!

When do you want to go to Maggiano's? I hear it calling my name :) And the kids eat free.

Dena said...

Happy Birthday Drew!! Ah adult time what is that again??? I'm glad you all were able to come and so glad it turned out pretty well. So Ryan was cleaning up after Tanner? I kept telling him if he kept throwing them out of the pit he'd have to clean them up but I guess Ryan didn't think the birthday boy should have to do that.

Karen @ Chez Perky said...

My triplets first birthday is coming up next month and I would LOVE to run away from it! Who gave them permission to grow up?!?

I think you have the right idea, though... when my birthday rolls around in January, I'm RUNNING AWAY!