Wednesday, July 09, 2008

fairy princess

I just realized I have not posted any pics from the 2 year birthday shoots. I could say it was because I have been in bed for 2 days with either a] food poisoning (because I want to blame Drew for trying to KILL me) or b] some nasty stomach virus (more realistic probable cause).

But considering they were done a month ago- chalk it up to laziness. These are one's we had taken of Aspen and Drew got into an argument with the manager over a coupon code (which, for those that know Drew- that is so not like him) and it made the whole experience even more memorable. Especially the part when Aspen started crying and Drew looked the guy straight in his eyes and says" See- now you made her cry" You really had to be there. It was a special family moment. Especially 6'4" Drew staring down 5' nothing photo dude.

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lesleysmeshly said...

She looks so sweet in those pictures.