Monday, December 14, 2009

You think you've been busy?....

Well, I say HA to that!

Welcome to the post series called "How many casts can you wear in 4 months?". A small informational grouping of references and tidbits that will make everyone educated about bones. And how easily they break. Grab a chilled beverage, some Frito's and enjoy.
Introductory...The Splint
Let the tale begin with joy, laughter and merriment on a fun filled Fourth of July. Hot dogs, swimming, the Grubbs, and some tasty ambrosia salad followed by fireworks were no match for the evil couple known as.........water + tile.
Throw in one running triplet and you have yourself an ER trip.
5 boys and 1 girl. Guess which one went?

3 hours later we were sent on our way with a beautiful $1 million splint, lovely photos of a fractured humerus, some Tylenol with codeine and a follow up with her Ortho on Monday. Not too serious, after all they said it was a small fracture, should heal quickly. Right???

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