Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a SeaWorld birthday!

Considering that my "not in the least spoiled" children still have Christmas presents that have not been taken out of their boxes, the whole idea of gifts seemed unrealistic. So, after very little planning, we made reservations to go to San Diego. And for the 1st time in my life, I booked a non refundable hotel room.

And then that pesky swine flu hit. Damn those pigs.

However, after spending enough time researching and lingering on the CDC website that I am now an honorary employee- we went to San Diego anyway. I was armed with enough Purell and Lysol to sanitize a small third world country. I looked like Monk. I glared down anyone within a 12 foot radius who even dared to cough.

We still did have a good time, even though I managed to get sun poisoning. All the Purell in the world will not help you if you forget to put on sunscreen. My poor forehead is flaking and leaving little bits o' DNA everywhere.

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mpannek said...

Sorry about you sun poisoning! Looks like the little ones had a great time!!!