Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hey Hey It's your Birthday!

Today is the official birthday. Two years- and I still remember the looong 2 hours I was in labor, only for the simple fact that to this day I swear up and down that everything everyone ever told me about labor was a lie- big fat lie. There was no ripple like tightening across the belly. Nope- that's a lie. As soon as they called for the c-section, which somehow triggered the labor- there was no pressure like pulsations- nope.

You want the truth- the cold hard truth?

Can you handle it?

Labor feels like you ate way to much broccoli and you could quite possibly fart a child out straight across the room.

There's your truth. I warned you.

Aside from revisiting that, today was a great day. We took the kids out for dinner, then came home and had a birthday cupcake smashdown outside. I even caught newly adopted favorite Uncle Paulie singing the tune to the Mickey Mouse club in the garage. By the time he leaves- I may even have him changing diapers.

And as newly minted 2 year olds....


-will strip completely naked while taking a nap-a special naked bum up in the air treat when you go to wake him up.
-has figured out a way to torment Ryan with Chicken Dance Elmo to the point of hyperventilating sobs


- has perfected the "wind up temper tantrum"
-can roll her eyes like a pro (I have NO idea where she learned that from)


- will proudly show everyone where his weenie is
- is not the least bit scared when we threaten him with boarding school if he throws his shoes out of the stroller one more time.


-are still learning how to live with a healthy dose of insanity


Safire said...

Happy Birthday!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to you! I love the way you decorated the high chairs, very cute!

loren said...

Happy Birthday! Two is the best age for new and surprising ways to laugh at parenthood... enjoy!